The Bonus Package



Is your gymnast off to camp this year? Send them a Care Package created just for gymnasts! Choose from five gymnast’s care packages, choose from personalized chalk bags, grip bags, zippered pouches, or wristbands! Custom-made in your athlete’s favorite colors, each item is personalized and made for gymnasts!

The Bonus Package includes a personalized grip bag and wristbands

Grip Bag – Choose an exterior color, lining color, cord, phrase, and color for the phrase/name on the back.
Wristbands – Choose a wristband color and color for the name. The font will coordinate with the phrase on the grip bag.

Grip Bag Details
• Measures 7.5″ wide by 10″ long
• Closes securely with a paracord drawstring and toggle in colors of your choice
• The paracord closure is attached through a metal grommet for durability
• Fully lined in sturdy cotton fabric that is interfaced to be as tough as your gymnast
• Your gymnast’s name on the back of the grip bag!

Wristband Details
•4″ long
• 80% cotton content keeps the wristbands very soft and super absorbent
• Double thickness for extra comfort under leather grips
•First name made in Heat Transfer Vinyl

Gymnastics Camp Care Packages can be sent directly to your gymnast at camp! Please use the shipping information provided to you by your camp! Please check the address information carefully, I am not responsible for incorrect or incomplete address information. Allow 2 weeks for delivery, order at least 2 weeks prior to their time at camp. Please let me know the dates your gymnast will be at camp so I can coordinate shipping it on time to arrive at the beginning of their stay!

Additional information

Exterior Color

Black, White, Red, Light Pink, Blue, Purple

Lining Color

Black, White, Light Pink, Red, Lime, Hot Pink, Aqua, Turquoise, Purple

Grip Bag Cord

White, Light Pink, Black, Red, Aqua, Purple, Hot Pink, Turquoise


1) Strong Is The New Pretty, 2) I'm A Gymnast Even My Hands Are Ripped, 3) Be Fierce, 4) Peace Love Gymnastics, 5) She Believed She Could So She Did, 6) Blood Sweat Chalk, 7) Gymnastics, 8) Eat Sleep Gym Repeat, 9) Fix Your Ponytail & Try Again, 10) This Girl Is On Fire, 11) #Chalk, 12) Gymnast Heartbeat

Phrase/Name Color

Holograph, Rainbow Holograph, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, White Glitter, White, Black Glitter, Black, Red Glitter, Turquoise Glitter, Pink Glitter, Pink, Hot Pink, Hot Pink Glitter, Aqua Glitter, Purple Glitter

Wrist Band Color

Black, Blue, White, Red, Pink, Purple


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